Detour : Shim Gum Do

“Detour” host, Chris Talanian, gets enlightened with the students of Shim Gum Do at the Mind Light Temple in Brighton, MA. From hand-to-hand combat to sword play, Shim Gum Do martial arts focuses on self-defense and putting zen into action. Think Chris has what it takes to reach the path of Enlightenment?

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  2. susan schutz says:

    Ha Ha,
    We all learned to cut fruit…and then eat it! HAH!
    We also all learned how to spend thousands of dollars to support a savvy Korean non-Zen master.
    Live in peace Sa Bu Nim!

    • Anon says:

      Sounds like sour apples from someone who couldn’t cut it! ;-)

    • What a nasty comment from someone with a lot of unhappiness and hate.
      Sa Bu Nim is the 79th Patriarch of his Dharma Lineage.
      Check out the transmission link at:
      Nothing is free in life. Wisdom and knowledge are earned through hard work and dedication to pursuit of the truth.
      Shim Gum Do is a very powerful Zen practice that has helped thousands of people.

    • Jeroic says:

      Oh come now, Ms. Shutz. There’s no need to be rude, even if you don’t believe a man cutting apples vertically off people’s stomachs without harming them after years of Zen training is legit.

  3. Rob Lewis says:

    I enjoyed my stay, I also learned something. No one forces you to stay and learn.

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