Jim Koch

Power Player

Sure, intelligence or athleticism can run in the family, but what about beer making? Jim Koch, the man behind Boston's quintessential brew, Samuel Adams, is the fifth-generation to follow in his family's brewing footsteps. Come down to the brewery with styleboston as Lisa van der Pool explores the complexities behind the beer making process.

How did Jim Koch get his start? Koch went bar to bar with that very first batch in his briefcase. 6 weeks later it was picked as the best beer in America. Now, the brewery releases specialty seasonal beers in addition to their regular brews. Our favorite? Octoberfest! The logic behind the seasonal selection is distinctly New England. Koch said of the area, 'The rhythm of the seasons should be reflected in a brewer's heart.'

From aromatic hops to Star Wars, Lisa van der Pool and Koch cover it all! Now's your chance to find out more about what makes this brewer tick! Happy tasting.

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