24 Hours with Kate : New Haven, Connecticut

Scene Spotter

Spend 24 hours with Kate Sidell in beautiful New Haven, CT, where there are over 95 top Zagat-rated restaurants.  Sample a few of the area’s gastronomical claims to fame including Louis’ Lunch, credited with inventing the hamburger sandwich, Toppings Cupcakes, owners of the first cupcake truck complete and subsequent cupcake stalkers, Miya’s Sushi, America’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, and Claire’s Corner Copia, famous for their Lithuanian coffee cake.


Kate Sidell, owner of the MET Restaurant Group, showcases local quality restaurants, art museums, and other must-visits in 24 Hours with Kate. Accompanied by a team of MET Back Bay employers, Kate learns the ins and outs of each restaurant and what makes them the best local food stops. The MET Back Bay team includes Marketing Director Jennifer Tradd, COO Jamie Kaye, General Manager Steven Zeneski, and Executive Chef Todd Winer. The MET Back Bay, located in Boston, is just one of the great restaurants affiliated with the MET Restaurant Group. Other locations include the MET Bar & Grill, in both Natick and Dedham, and the Metropolitan Club in Chestnut Hill. Follow Kate and her crew as they explore the local gems of the food industry!

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